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Scion Advice provides tailored, professional advice to the whole family. No matter how complex, we help you and your loved ones make the right financial decisions to achieve your goals. 
We take the worry out of dealing with complicated financial situations and allow you to carry on with your daily life with the knowledge that your finances are in safe hands.
Everyone has a dream about their future. We give you clear financial strategies that pave the way to achieving those dreams.
"Well since I retired I've learned how to play the ukulele. Things I wouldn't have had time for I now have time to do. That’s what I enjoy." - Sandra
Nerida Hicks
Nerida has worked in the financial services industry since 2001. She is a senior partner in the Scion Advice practice.

Nerida’s learning and passion for finance started at a very young age. She was always interested in learning about the sharemarket and loved everything about commerce and economics.

Nerida is passionate, empathetic and direct; she is known for her jargon-free approach to giving advice, getting straight to the point in an easy-to-understand manner.
I love being able to stand by my clients and see them achieve their dreams.
Simon Boom
Simon has worked in the financial services industry since 2011. He is a partner in the Scion Advice practice.

Like Nerida, Simon’s interest in finance started a long time ago. When he was in Year 9, he started learning about commerce and loved it so much he went on to study it at university. It was clear from the beginning that this was the right career path for him. In his current role, Simon strives for excellence and getting the best possible outcome for his clients.
I am passionate about making a meaningful impact on my clients’ lives, both short and long-term, by helping them make smart choices with their money.
"The difference is just extraordinary. My previous financial adviser was more interested in his own profit margins rather than me as his customer but Nerida is the opposite." - Wal
Simon and Nerida have worked together for many years. Simon loves Nerida’s professionalism, and her passion for the industry. He finds working with her extremely motivating and inspiring, leading Simon to challenge and push himself. Nerida loves Simon’s calm and sensible work ethic, and his drive and passion for his career as well as for helping others.

Together, their biggest strength is bringing harmony to their clients’ financial lives.
Like everyone, Simon and Nerida have their own financial aspirations. Nerida’s include being able to provide for her children and living a long, happy life. She loves to dream big and go on adventures, and is excited to travel as much as possible in the future. Simon’s aspirations involve his family, too – he wants to be able to provide for his young girls in the future. Ideally, he would like to pay off his mortgage as quickly as possible and eventually own property where he could build a shed decked out with a gym and a bunch of “boys’ toys”!
Simon and Nerida look forward to meeting you and your family.

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