"The world's full of people that have got advice, but you need a specialist... without Nerida's advice there's no way I would have retired at 55. "
- Chris
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"We have total confidence in Nerida & Simon. We want to have a future not only for ourselves, but we’ve got the children & grandchildren…"
- Sandra
"My solicitor suggested Nerida straight away. I’m very confident and reassured, and I have no qualms about the future with Nerida. I know someone’s always got my back"
- Astride
Nerida’s very communicative. She’s extremely proficient at what she does…There’s some very important people in my life, Nerida is one of them.
- Wal

Elita | 65+ years old

"Simon has helped me manage my superannuation with expertise prior to retirement. He then assisted me with the transition to retirement with an income and part pension. I found him very approachable and I am very confident with the advice he has given me."

Carole | 65+ years old

"Nerida knows her business and gives one a true feeling of security, besides always being ready to work through any problems that arise. I am very confident regarding her capability and friendliness."

Mal | 65+ years old

"Nerida has given me advice in areas of investment, property and my super arrangements. Nerida constantly updates us on any positive changes that can be made with our investments. We would happily recommend Nerida to our friends and family."

Elizabeth | 46-55 years old

"Simon has given my husband and I advice in areas including investments & self managed super funds. Simon has always been able to explain things to us in a clear way. Through Simon's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for our needs. We always receive Simon's full care and attention when I needed it and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Simon to anyone"
We’re proud to have 100% positive reviews on Adviser Ratings from more than 250 clients.
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"Nerida put the building blocks in place for me to be able to achieve what I wanted." - Chris

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