“We’d drive down the road and see a car and caravan coming the other way and we’d say ‘one day that will be us’. My wife would say ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ Well now it is us.” - Chris
We are compassionate. We are inclusive. We are Scion.
And we invite you to share your financial dreams with us.
With over 30 years of combined industry experience and expertise, we help people to achieve their financial goals and dreams.

What do we do?

We love hearing about your financial aspirations. What is it that you wish to achieve when you think about your future? Is it financial stability for your children? Owning property? Being able to travel where and when, and by whatever means you like?

We’re here to help you reach those financial goals, whether they are short or long-term. We love hearing about what our clients hope to achieve, and we love being the stepping-stone between dreams and reality. We help our clients take steps forward and implement the right strategies in order to attain specific goals.

Consider us a personal coach for your money.

Our team can help with superannuation, retirement and redundancy planning, stockbroking, estate planning, wealth accumulation, life insurance, tax strategies, government benefits such as the Age Pension and management of debt.

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Who are our clients?

We help big families, small families, individuals and couples – we love working with a diverse range of people. Whether you are at the very beginning of your career or coming to the end of it – we are here to help. It’s never too late to seek financial advice, and we look forward to tailoring a plan just for you.

As we have a family-oriented approach to our financial advice, we often see generations of families coming to us. We love creating and maintaining long-standing relationships with families and look forward to meeting yours.

what our clients say
“We don’t feel we have to be anxious about our financial future. We decided long ago that Nerida was the one that had to worry, not us.” - Barry & Sue

Why choose us?

We are experienced financial advisers and provide a quality, individualised service in a comfortable environment. We’re proud that our clients refer to us as approachable and easy-going advisers who give direct, honest and goal-oriented financial advice. We do not charge for our first meeting. Any meeting with Nerida and Simon can be held in our Nowra office or virtually over the internet – it’s your choice!

At Scion, we welcome everyone. We respect equality and love diversity – we are all different. Without diversity of thought and commitment to equality, there is no moving forward. Be you, with us!

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Scion – what does it mean?

People often ask us: what does the word ‘scion’ actually mean? It is a new section of a plant, such as a bud or shoot. The word can also mean a descendant of a wealthy or influential family.

We chose the name because we believe in new beginnings and growth; and we love helping people grow wealth within their families.

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